6 Costly Car Maintenance and Repair Mistakes You Should Avoid

by | Feb 15, 2022 | Vehicle Maintenence | 0 comments

Many people rely on their cars to help them complete their daily to do lists, as a company we are proud to provide tyres that Bangor can rely on. Whether you are travelling to work, completing the school run or going for your weekly shopping trip, your car needs to run well so you can get things done. Up to 47% of drivers across the UK worry about having to pay for car repairs they didn’t know about when they take their vehicles to get serviced. Taking care of your car properly will save you money in the long run and will help to keep you safe when travelling on the road. At Bangor Tyre Company we have created a list of 6 costly car maintenance and repair mistakes you should avoid.


Windscreen Repairs

Replacing windshields and other glass repairs are some of the most common car repair mistakes that people will make. The process of repairing windshields can be complicated as it requires special resin that is injected into the damaged area of the glass. This is then polished which gives it strength and will make it appear as good as new. Many people feel that they can make these repairs themselves after pricing the maintenance costs from a professional, however, they often create even more damage. The cost of replacing the windscreen compared to the cost of getting this fixed by a professional will be a safer investment in the long term.


Check Your Tyres

Did you know that neglecting the rotation of your tyres or checking your air pressure can lead to tire deterioration and uneven tread wear? Forgetting to check your tyres can cost you a great deal of money in the long run as your tyres will become damaged in shorter periods of time. This can lead to a number of issues that can cause safety hazards when driving, including uneven traction, creating strain while steering and can also cause car vibrations when driving. It is essential to check your tyres a number of times throughout the year, especially when the weather changes. 


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Cosmetic Changes

Adding body paint and extra features to your car may seem attractive to many drivers. However, what many drivers don’t realise is that body paint for cars and similar products are filled with poisonous chemicals. This should only be carried out by professionals as they require training and safe working environments. The process of adding paint to your car body can be harmful to the car’s exterior and can lead to a number of repair mistakes, including paint bubbles, unfinished coats, and not applying enough coverage. 

After spending the money on revamping your car’s look, you may be out of pocket paying for repairs if the job was carried out properly.


Topping Up Your Car with the Wrong Oil

Although many cars can go thousands of miles without needing their oil changes, many cars on the market will need to be topped up every few months. Different types of car engines will require a specific type of oil. Topping your car up with the wrong oil can cause damage to your engine, causing leaks, noises, and you may end up needing a new engine altogether. Not only will you be out of pocket paying for an engine replacement, but using the wrong type of oil will also have a negative effect on your car’s fuel economy. 


Keep Your Car Clean

Car Washes help to keep your car clean and look nice when you are driving on the road. Neglecting to clean your car regularly can lead to serious damage to your car’s exterior that will cost you money to repair. Streets are filled with dirt, oil and other materials that will coat your car and damage the paint on its frame. Removing this dirt from your car can lead to rust and may corrode the car’s paint and other parts of the body. It is recommended to visit the carwash regularly to keep your vehicle nice and clean but to also save you money on unnecessary damage repair.

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The Wrong Fuel

Drivers have been burdened with the costs of regularly topping up their cars with fuel. Some drivers can make the mistake of topping up their car with the wrong type of fuel. If you do not complete the correct maintenance after this happens you can cause damage to your engine. It is important that you pay attention to the pump at your local garage as these accidents can be costly in the long term.


At Bangor Tyre Company we have provided free checks to ensure the health of your vehicle is maintained and it is safe to drive. We can do preventative maintenance and plan the costs by assessing and giving you time frames on your vehicle repairs. Book in for a free test and see if your vehicle is the safest it can be on the road.