Car AC Repair And Maintenance

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Cars are an everyday essential for so many people, relying on them to get to work and drop the kids to school among so many other things – so servicing your car is essential.

Most modern cars in today’s society are equipped with an air conditioning system which not only offers a comfortable driving experience but is a must luxury not only for car enthusiasts but for everyone. Whether you’re driving daily to work or going on long weekend trips, air conditioning ensures the drive is enjoyable and convenient.

Having working AC in a car is undeniably a must have comfort and there’s nothing better than stepping into a cool car on a warm day rather than feeling as if you’ve stepped into a hot incubator. However, a functioning AC also contributes to a better working car. Studies found that a car running at a comfortable temperature reacts much faster than one that doesn’t!


Turning on your AC on a regular basis can have a positive effect on your car’s functionality and driving experience, even for as short as 10 minutes! Not servicing your Air Con regularly can not only be bad for your car but also lead to unpleasant smells, failure to demystify the windows in the winter and even pipes cracking.

While Air Conditioning provides comfort, a functioning car and ability to quickly de-mystify windows, it also contributes to the concentration of the driver. Feeling too hot and uncomfortable can have a negative effect on a person’s driving experience and lead to light-headedness or dizziness, and opening the window is not always an option with the Irish Climate! Having the ability to alter the temperature of your surroundings quickly is convenient and also safe. 


Therefore it is recommended that you:

  • Service your car every two years.
  • Do a yearly check-up.
  • Change the filter once a year.
  • Turn it on regularly to make sure it’s functioning! And;
  • Watch out for strange smells!

Opening your car windows can be very tempting during the short time where Ireland does experience sun, however this is actually not a good option for your AC health. Opening windows and letting the outside air inside is actually forcing your air conditioning to work harder, putting more pressure on it and even on your fuel consumption. It is a good idea to keep them down.


Professional Advice On Car Servicing

While you can fix the issue yourself if you’re comfortable with messing with car parts and following guidelines, there are many car AC specialists who can run a diagnostic to determine the issue for you. This is a quicker solution if you want to save time, and it could turn out to be something simple that’s needed such as a Decontamination which will remove the smelliness! (and is not costly). 


Recharging / Regassing Your AC

To save yourself the trouble of needing to seek professional help you should track your coolant level.

Coolant levels are important as your car’s AC requires it to function and needs “recharging” . This is often needed every 2-3 years however making sure the coolant does not get too low will save you from running out. Bangor Tyre Company offers regassing services and with a simple form, you can quickly send a request outlining your issue, and someone will get back to you.

Looking for the early signs of a failing AC, and consciously doing things that prevent this can therefore:

  • Make your car perform better
  • Make your driving experience more comfortable
  • Prevent unwanted smells
  • Save you money


If you are experiencing any issues with your AC, or would just like a general check up to keep your car in good health, then give one of our friendly teams a call. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, expertise and our mission is to keep your car in good health and you safe on the roads. Get in touch with us for all of your car servicing needs by filling out a quick form.