Car Maintenance and Repairs in NI

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Car Maintenance is the key to preventing things escalating and having to call for repair services, but if you find yourself in that situation: Bangor Tyre Company can do both. 

You may have heard many scare stories about owning a car; that you’ll have no money and you’ll be spending all your life’s savings on repairs. That’s all not necessarily true, if you just look after it and bring it to a reputable company that will do regular checks and services if needed. 

Bear in mind, sometimes all your car needs is a full vehicle check and you can book from the most standard service to a more advanced one at Bangor Tyres in Northern Ireland. 

If you run into some trouble with your car, whether it’s brakes, clutch or even if you haven’t a clue what’s wrong, you can contact us and we’ll help solve the problem. 

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Standard Service 

This is a quick and simple check to make sure your car is safe to drive and everything is working well along with the oil filter. You’ll be in and out quickly with this standard service, with the peace of mind that everything is running smoothly.

Interim Service

A little more advanced, this service includes a check of 

And a regular Full Vehicle Health Check as in the standard service. 

Major Service 

This is a full vehicle check and includes a more thorough check if the following are working correctly: 

  • Spark plugs for Petrol Vehicles
  • Fuel Filter for Diesel Vehicles
  • Full Vehicle Health Check
  • Oil Filter

With the Major Service, you’ll rest assured that all important aspects of your car are serviced. 


If you find yourself in any trouble, you can give us a quick call and explain your situation or simply pop into Bangor Tyres and chat to us in person. We’ll investigate your car and let you know what’s going on.


This is the most important element of your car as it gives you the power to avoid and get away from danger. If you feel that there’s something going on with your breaks, whether they’re spongy, don’t feel right or don’t break as much as previously, you should get this checked out asap. 

Air Con 

A less dramatic repair but to some-the most important. Air conditioning provides not only comfort but helps concentrate and drive better by being able to control the temperature around you. If this is not working right for you, be sure to get in contact.


The element of the car that lets you change gears, go and stop in a manual-quite important. This is also known as the most pricey repair in a car and you’ll be glad to hear that at Bangor Tyres we have great deals when it comes to your clutch.


The air you breathe in your car is important to keep fresh, especially if you spend a lot of time travelling. Here at Bangor Tyres we can enter the heating system with a cleaner and make sure it’s all freshened up. 

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Free Mot Check

If you want to check if your car is up to scratch for your MOT test, we offer a free MOT check so you can be sure you’ll be on the right track to pass. 

Getting into a regular habit of maintaining your car and booking for a service will be beneficial to you in preventing long run issues.

 It’s also great to have a service history from a reputable garage and will help you sell your car a lot faster when the time comes. 

If you’re due a car maintenance service you can book it on our site and if you ever run into any issues and need a repair, you know where to find us.