Car Maintenance Checklist for Spring

by | Mar 15, 2022 | Vehicle Maintenence | 0 comments

Coming out of the cold unforeseeable weather of Winter and being welcomed by longer and sunnier days of Spring, it’s important to prioritise checking your car. With travelling being more attractive coming into Spring, you’ll want to make sure your drive trips are not ruined by unexpected car maintenance.

Tyre Maintenance 

The only thing separating you from the road are your Tyre’s, so it’s important to check if they’re functioning properly and we are the company for tyres that the people of Bangor trust. Make sure to look out for any wear and most importantly-Tyre pressure. It’s smart to have a Tyre pressure gauge with you at all times to be able to check this at any point. 


How to Check Tyre Pressure:

  • Start with Cold Tyres
  • Check Manufacturers Recommended PSI
  • Take a note of each Tyres PSI
  • Compare with Recommended 


After dealing with Frozen weather conditions and possibly snow, it’s a good idea to get into a regular habit of checking your Tyre’s following Winter. 

You can also get in touch with Bangor Tyre Company who will advise you on the condition of your Tyres.


Change your Oil 

It’s always a good idea to change your oil regularly, and doing so can extend the life of your engine by miles. Make sure to be doing everything correctly and refer back to your vehicles manual for instructions on specifics.


Check your Battery 

Cold weather can do some damage to your battery, so you should definitely put this one on your checklist. Check that the battery is well mounted and make sure there are no loose cables and everything is tight. It’s recommended to have your battery replaced after 5 years.


Inspect Wiper Blades 

With most of your driving decisions happening based on what you can see, having functioning wiper blades goes without saying. Living in Ireland we’re all well used to checking our wipers since rain is on the agenda almost every day, with Winter also bringing frozen temperatures. 


Coming into Spring, it’s good to give your blades a thorough inspection, giving them a quick clean with a paper towel, watching not to cut yourself off any sharp edges. Checking for any tears or cracks on the wipers and noticing when they need to be replaced will prevent an unwanted situation of your wipers failing to work, or falling off mid-drive.


Check your Lighting

Make sure all your lights work, especially your break lights so your intentions to stop are clear to everyone on the road. Simply switch everything on, step out of the car and have a good inspection! 


Check your Fluids

Doing a quick Fluids check on your brakes, power steering, coolant and washer fluid will give you the peace of mind that everything is in place before you take off on a journey. If anything is low, simply top it back up and remember- if anything is extremely low or has been used suspiciously too fast, it could indicate a leak.

Following those simple steps will get your car fixed up after Winter and prepared for your Spring drives. Regularly checking if everything is in place will save you trips to the mechanic in the long run. 

Some things however do wear in time such as Tyres and if this has happened to you, you can find great new Tyres at Bangor Tyre Company who are also experienced tyre fitters.