Car Maintenance – Don’t Let Yourself Get Behind

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At Bangor Tyre Company, we’re frequently asked what a basic tune-up entails. The answer will differ from garage to garage, but in general, this is a sort of preventive and proactive maintenance that focuses on problem areas and tackles minor issues before they become larger. The majority of tune-ups include a comprehensive engine inspection to ensure there are no leaks and that the car runs smoothly. Check out our list of tune-up benefits for a closer look at some of the various ways a tune-up might help your car.


Better Mileage: A tune-up may address all of the minor issues in your vehicle that you may not be aware of but that is causing you to spend more money on petrol. If your brakes are sticking, for example, your vehicle may consume more fuel than usual. Your brakes will be evaluated during the tune-up, and brake pads may be replaced. Poor fuel mileage could also indicate that your tyres are misaligned, causing them to rotate at an abnormal angle and increasing friction on axles and against the road. This problem can be readily fixed with a tyre rotation and alignment, which can help you save money on petrol as you drive from home to work and back.


Repair a Rough Ride: 


Let’s face it, your vehicle doesn’t run as smoothly as it used to as it ages. Perhaps you’ve observed it shivering a little or having trouble getting going in the morning, especially when it’s cold. Your mechanic can identify both of these issues by performing a power and energy check to see what’s causing the rattling and why your car isn’t holding power as well as it should. Hundreds of internal components, from the starter to the exhaust, could be the source of the problem. A trained mechanic can locate and correct the issue, allowing you to avoid riding in discomfort from point A to point B.


Glowing Lights on the Dash: 


Each of your car’s warning lights is intended to inform you of something; yet, not every driver is conversant in car diagnostics. As a result, our expert mechanics will investigate what the warning lights mean, why they’re on, and how to quickly and effectively fix them.


A Comprehensive Inspection: 

Think of a tune-up for your car like a medical check-up for your body. It extensively inspects working components, identifies issues, and allows for their resolution. Your technician will recommend having something serviced to enhance handling, reduce the risk of a breakdown, and provide you a better ride, similar to how your doctor might prescribe medicine to treat an ailment.


A code scan will be performed during a tune-up to look for ignition issues or exhaust leaks. He or she will also examine everything from the valves, rings, and gaskets to the battery voltage and engine leaks during this time. Your mechanic may not always identify an issue during a tune-up, which is wonderful news for car enthusiasts, but in most situations, there will be one or two things to correct before you can get back behind the wheel. The crucial thing to remember after a tune up is that your mechanic is allowing you to correct little ant hills before they become molehills. We’d much rather assist you in repairing a minor component now rather than having to do a significant overhaul later.


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