What To Look Out For When Choosing A Mechanic

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Students return to college every August, sometimes hundreds of miles away from home. They could be in a whole new city, where they don’t know many people and are unfamiliar with local companies. Many novice drivers are unclear how to choose a reputable, trusted mechanic who will ensure their vehicle is working securely. Continue reading for advice for students seeking a local car mechanic in a new town.



Reviews – If you’re thinking about doing business with a company or service, the greatest place to start is on the internet. Check out Google, Yelp, and Facebook for reviews. You should probably seek elsewhere if you see a lot of negative or one-star reviews. A auto repair with a bad reputation on the internet is probably untrustworthy.


Cost — As a novice driver, you may be unfamiliar with typical car maintenance prices. Prices are generally consistent, whether it’s for something as basic as an oil change or something a little more complicated, such as failed wheel bearings. Unfortunately, there are folks out there that will take advantage of a new customer and charge more for a job that would have cost a lot less at another car repair shop. Request a price for the service you require from a few different companies and compare them. Do some internet research on average prices for that service in your area. If one mechanic’s quote is significantly greater than the others for no apparent reason, they may not be the ideal choice for you. You can always ask a mechanic to explain why he or she is charging what they are charging.


Location – If you’re new to town and have some local contacts, ask for a recommendation. People frequently locate a good, dependable mechanic in their town and return to them repeatedly. There’s a fair chance a local vehicle repair business with a strong reputation and a few local recommendations will deliver great service. People who have worked with a mechanic before can provide you with the most accurate advice.




You may be apprehensive of trusting a technician you’ve just met to give you an accurate price quote. It’s crucial to inquire around. Use the internet to undertake research, and ask individuals you know if you feel safe approaching them — your parents, friends, and even teachers. If you get a second opinion from someone who knows a lot about cars and has a lot of expertise with them, the mechanic may not be giving you a fair price. However, keep in mind that pricing can vary depending on factors such as location, labour, and resources. Even if the price appears to be reasonable, always obtain a second opinion.


It’s absolutely OK to call a garage for an oil change or other typical maintenance task query while obtaining a quote. However, determining your needs and all of the work and/or parts that will be necessary is more complex. The cost of a job is frequently determined by the vehicle’s age. Older cars are substantially different from newer cars, and even something as simple as an oil change for an older car could be more expensive. If you’re not sure what’s wrong with your car or need more intricate work done, such as a brake repair, it’s critical that a technician inspects it in person before providing you with an accurate estimate.


Always ask questions and have an open mind while seeking advice from an auto repair professional. When a reputable technician inspects your automobile for the first time, they will do extensive diagnostics, replace just the parts that need to be changed, and inform you of the charges ahead of time depending on your symptoms and/or check engine light code. An ethical shop would contact you right away if there are any unexpected concerns, rather than simply adding them to your account without asking you first.



The internet has made determining whether a mechanic is good or not a lot easier. Customers that are dissatisfied frequently submit negative evaluations on multiple platforms. If the mechanic has a lot of negative ratings, it’s safe to assume you don’t want him working on your automobile. However, relying just on reviews to determine a service’s quality is not always a good idea. Competitors and even the business itself have been known to spam reviews in an attempt to improve them. Consult with locals to guarantee you’re working with a mechanic who will provide you with the greatest servicing available.

An up-to-date website or social media profile is another excellent sign. Do they communicate with their customers and the community? Is there a lot of open information available on the internet? Is there a professional web presence for them? A company that cares about how it is viewed by present and potential customers is more likely to care about offering the best auto repair service available. Is there any evidence that they are involved in the community or that they have been mentioned in local publications or magazines? Mechanics who have been named to best-of-your-city lists are nearly usually a solid bet.



There are a few factors you should always examine when considering whether or not to conduct business with somebody, regardless of industry. If they appear unpleasant or off-putting, for example, it could be a red indicator. Look for an alternative if the vehicle repair shop is in bad shape or appears to be unclean and neglected. If they appear unprofessional, trust your instincts. When selecting a mechanic, ask yourself the following questions:


Payment methods – Check with a mechanic to see if they take the payment option you want to use before dealing with them. This information should be accessible via their website or by calling them. It’s also advised to stay away from places that need payment in advance. It’s fine to put down a deposit for custom orders, as a garage may need to request specialised parts for your vehicle. If a mechanic asks for half or full payment upfront, that’s a red flag.


Was the person who offered you a quote in a hurry? – Customer service is a key indicator of a company’s business practices. It’s a good sign if you’re handled with respect, kindness, and full attention to your specific circumstances. It’s generally advisable to find another mechanic if the individual who gives you an estimate for the vehicle repair service you need appears irritated, unpleasant, or unsure if they’re giving you the appropriate pricing.


Videos on YouTube/repair – Thousands of videos on the internet promise to provide technical guidance and techniques for self-repairing your automobile. While they may be accurate sometimes, there is no way to verify the source of the advice. These videos must be avoided at all costs. It’s impossible to make an accurate diagnosis without checking your exact car and the precise troubles you’re having. It’s critical to have a professional inspect your vehicle in person to confirm that it’s safe to drive. Never take needless risks with your vehicle – you could endanger yourself as well as other road users.


Is the shop crowded? – A busy store is a sure sign that an auto mechanic service provides ethical, high-quality service. Drive by a few times on different days to see if the parking lot is filled. Are they working on a large number of vehicles? Is there a large number of people arriving and going? This is an indication of devoted customers and positive reviews for any business.



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