Exhaust Fitting And repair service

The exhaust on your car controls the direction of the exhaust fumes and the noise that is emitted from it. It also improves the performance of your engine and the consumption of your fuel is reliant on it.


What is wrong with my exhaust?

  • Is your exhaust louder than usual?
  • Is your exhaust in a different position
  • Are you using more fuel than usual?
  • Are you noticing more smoke than usual when you are driving?


Book in with our experts for an exhaust health check and while your there, why not get a free battery health check and make the journey worth your while.

What is sometimes a minor problem can develop into a major problem if left with no checks made, let us keep you safe.

Price  match guarantee

We have a huge stock of exhausts, including most of the major brands, so our service is quick and easy. Your car will not only be more fuel efficient when fixed, but better for the environment. The only thing better than that is our price match offer.

We offer a guarantee of the lowest price – price matching any cheaper quote that you can get.