Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignment Bangor, North Down

Wheel Alignment Bangor, North Down

Specialising in wheel alignment

We have invested in all of the state of the art equipment across our workshop to provide a high end service at affordable prices. Our wheel alignment equipment is no exception to this.

Our team have a wealth of experience between them, and our equipment alongside this gives them the ability to perform services in a speedy manner.

The correct wheel alignment setting for each car is very important. When the alignment is correctly adjusted the car will not only handle better, but the tyres will last longer and less fuel will be used as well.

Signs that your wheels need aligned

  • Your tyres are wearing quickly and unevenly
  • The car pulls to one side when not directed
  • Your steering wheel is not level 

Good practice for checking your car

If you have hit a curb, or anything else on the road for that matter, the wheels can become misaligned and cause big problems. If you get new tyres or have an incident you should get these checked to ensure the safety of you and any passengers that may travel in your vehicle.


Price  match guarantee

We have specialist equipment to check wheel alignment and if you get two or more tyres fitted with us, the price of wheel alignment is halved.

We also offer a guarantee of the lowest price – price matching any cheaper quote that you can get.

Wheel Alignment County Down